How To Buy A Luxury Home

Ontario’s otherworldly Southern Georgian Bay region is an ideal destination for luxury-seeking homeowners, offering a stunning mix of placid waterfront retreats and an extraordinary selection of ski properties.

Including portions of Grey and Simcoe Counties, the heart of this picturesque region includes several distinct towns and municipalities that sweep around Nottawasaga Bay — a sub-bay within the larger Georgian Bay — at the base of the Blue Mountains. It’s an exceptional location that offers the discerning buyer numerous residential options.

If you’re hoping to move to this incredible region, let’s explore the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay landscape and uncover the ins and outs of how to buy a luxury home.


The sheer number of luxury options can overwhelm an unsuspecting buyer when buying a luxury home in areas as unique as the Blue Mountains or along the nearby Southern Georgian Bay coast. 

Even seasoned homeowners from Toronto, accustomed to the city’s abundance of homes, find it challenging to choose a property amongst the region’s amazing real estate options, including country estates, golf course properties, waterfront compounds, mountain condos, and vacation and seasonal homes. 

Your real estate expert is invaluable in ways beyond finding the right home. A seasoned local agent helps streamline the buying process, relieving you of the stress of relocation or answering the financial questions posed by adding a property to an existing portfolio. Their expertise and guidance extend into the following areas:

  • Local market insight, including homes and neighbourhoods suited to your lifestyle or specific ownership goals
  • Up-to-date pricing and sales trends that identify potential deals in undervalued or upward-trending locations or homes that might be priced too steep compared to the surrounding market
  • Extensive, real-time knowledge about the Blue Mountains and Southern Georgian Bay communities, including the top schools, amenities, and recreational pursuits
  • Guidance through every step of the purchase process, including finding the right home in the right location, making an offer and negotiating a purchase price, conducting inspections, and how to approach and navigate the final closing stages

In addition to property specialists with extensive local knowledge, look for a representative with a track record of success who specializes in the locations and luxury homes you’re interested in. 


In the case of high-end real estate, the question is: do you first establish a budget and then determine your wants and needs in a home? Or define your wants and needs and build a budget around that? 

If money is no object, the latter option will work just fine. However, if your brand of Ontario residential luxury still requires some financial prudence, establish your budgetary parameters first. It will ensure you buy a luxury home within your monetary comfort zone and narrow down the early stages of your search, helping you focus on specific locations and property types.

In crafting your budget, give your finances far more than a cursory glance. Understanding the current health of your finances will ensure a strong footing after you finalize a purchase. Questions to ponder as your budget comes together include:

  • Are you financing or paying cash?
  • What’s the most you could afford with either scenario?
  • Is there a ceiling to what you’re willing to pay?
  • Are you accounting for all costs involved in the purchase?

That last question is critical. The ancillary expenses in a sought-after luxury home quickly add up for items like property taxes and utility costs. Your budget should include those costs and any other expenses that come before or after your closing. Create as detailed a budget as possible (though updates and edits are inevitable) that will inform the financial aspects of your home search.


For a financed purchase, engage with different lenders and explore the various mortgage packages for which you qualify. The earlier, the better, as seasoned homebuyers may find that lending requirements have evolved considerably since their last purchase. Shop around to find the rates, mortgage programs, and timeframe that best fit your goals. At the very least, consider a handful of well-regarded lenders, including referrals from your property specialist.  

Research your final few choices with the same scrutiny as any other major purchase or acquisition. Different lenders and different programs mean there’s an opportunity to save by qualifying for a hyper-competitive mortgage rate that can reduce your overall expenses by a considerable margin.


As mentioned earlier, there is a wealth of beautiful home-buying choices throughout the Blue Mountains and Southern Georgian Bay region. Knowing the features and amenities you’re focusing on will ensure that you have a productive home search. When determining your luxury home priorities, consider the following:

  • Location: not just city or town, but also individual communities or neighbourhoods. Consider the nearby attractions, such as schools, dining and shopping, and recreation
  • Size of both the home and property lot
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Age or condition of the home
  • Specific amenities, such as a pool, home office, or hot tub

Making a list of your “must-haves,” “nice-to-haves,” and “don’t-wants” is an important exercise, as you can create a baseline for your search that informs your property specialist which properties you’ll ultimately be most interested in.


The luxury search is where your planning pays off. From early online searches to driving through preferred neigbourhoods to touring the homes that match your wish list, this is where your future starts to come into focus. 

As your search evolves, make sure you take note of the following when visiting different homes and communities:

  • Home price: including association fees or costs involved when accessing nearby amenities
  • Location: although the Southern Georgian Bay region constitutes a relatively small section of Ontario, the area is incredibly diverse, including mountain, country, or waterfront living
  • Neighborhood aesthetics: what’s it like to live there, including nearby amenities, area infrastructure, recreation and overall condition of homes, businesses and civic areas such as parks
  • Lifestyle: does the immediate area fulfill your or your family’s needs? This is especially important if you’re relocating with small children, a professional working remotely, or a retiree or an empty nester 
  • Income potential: if you’re an investor, does the immediate and larger community offer a consistent income stream and lucrative ROI?

Based on the above, there is no shortage of outstanding options, including the following standout luxury communities:

  • Blue Mountain Village: A gorgeous alpine-esque resort community at the base of the mountain, this extension of the Blue Mountain Ski Resort features upscale shopping and dining and numerous townhomes and condos.
  • Collingwood: The largest of the communities mentioned here, Collingwood boasts an unparalleled urban, waterfront lifestyle that includes a range of immaculate homes, opulent condos, and outstanding recreation spots, including golf, boating, and easy access to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort.
  • Craigleith: Coveted for its proximity to the Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Craigleith is one of the region’s premier communities with waterfront and mountain homes, including those with ski-in ski-out privileges. 
  • Creemore: Encompassing a more bucolic country setting versus the communities along the coast or in the shadow of Blue Mountain, homes in Creemore feature multiple acres and equestrian facilities.
  • Lora Bay: Situated between Meaford and Thornbury, Lora Bay is a stunning waterfront golf course community featuring one of the region’s most tranquil, luxury lifestyles.
  • Meaford: Known for its apple orchards and festive farmers’ market, Meaford typifies luxurious country charm with a sweeping waterfront view. Homes include historic estates, amenity-rich townhomes, and executive homes overlooking Georgian Bay.
  • Thornbury: The village of Thornbury is a beautiful bayfront enclave that features an upscale mix of homes, condos, and townhomes set amongst scenic natural beauty. 

As you explore the amazing luxury homes here, take your time and enjoy the process.


Once you’ve identified the perfect luxury home, the buying process moves into its final stages, starting with your offer.

Your property specialist is an invaluable resource. Acting as your advisor and advocate, they will guide you through the bidding and negotiation process, coordinate inspections and paperwork, and guide you beyond closing.

Some key points for each step of the closing process:

  • Make a competitive offer — one that you are comfortable with and leaves you room to maneuver toward an agreeable final price
  • Negotiations are commonplace, but never agree to terms or contingencies with which you’re uncomfortable
  • Remember that once an offer is accepted, it can take from 60 to 90 days to close on your new home
  • Never waive the opportunity for a home inspection, and don’t hesitate to negotiate for remedies should the inspection turn up any issues

The last few steps of buying a luxury home involve the lender finalizing funding, payment of closing costs, and signing the closing docs, including transfer of land, mortgage documents, sales agreement, proof of title search, and buyer’s proof of insurance. Upon closing, you’ll take possession of the keys to a truly gorgeous home in one of Canada’s most majestic regions.


If you’re ready to buy a luxury home in the Blue Mountains or along the Southern Georgian Bay coast, contact expert Todd Kaufman today. His lifelong knowledge and expertise in the area will help you discover the luxury home of your dreams.